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One of the biggest challenges in SEO is measuring impact — we know what matters (or doesn’t matter) until the rules of the game have changed. And when they do, we’re all scrambling to find a baseline again.

I decided to put together a list of what I consider to be steadfast SEO recommendations. This list has yielded wins for a number of my clients — they had an impact that we were able to identify and quantify — and might be useful to you and your clients. While not all of them may be applicable (they should ultimately be tailored to your site’s specific needs) I will provide further details and examples of what I mean within each.

I have some SEO recommendations that I’ve consistently seen make a positive impact in SEO's ever-changing world.




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Why SEO Is Important

In recent years, other Internet marketing channels have appeared, taking sizable bites of the online marketing pie. Many shifted their online campaigns to some very popular channels like social media marketing and dropping their SEO efforts without carefully analyzing real data. Many have succumbed to the myth that “SEO is dead” and is not a relevant factor anymore in driving targeted traffic to websites.

SEO is not dead, and if fact it is still fully alive and kicking and is still the most important source of targeted traffic to websites. In a report by many research companies, organic web search or natural search engine results still sits at the top of traffic sources used by survey respondents. The report also states that this percentage is growing at a steady rate and is expected to continue growing in the next couple of years.

Keyword Analysis For SEO

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Traffic Volume

By analyzing the traffic volume we select the keywords that will bring potential customers to your site, and then create conversions, the more the right traffic the more conversions

Keyword Dificulty

Many times the keyword we are trying to rank for is very difficult to rank due to many factors, one being a very popular search, in this case we look for a more specific long tail keyword an analyze what the competitor rank for.

Long Tail keyword

Long tail keywords are sometimes the best an easiest way to reach top ranking with the search engines, we used often to generate more traffic and conversions

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